Keto Friendly Cocktails for the Holidays

keto friendly cocktails

Are you looking for keto friendly cocktails that you can prepare for the holidays? Then we’ve got you covered! Below is a roundup of delicious and refreshing cocktail recipes that will not kick you out of ketosis.

The holidays are often about enjoying refreshing and ice-cold cocktails. But if you are trying to cut down on carbs, then you should stay away from sweetened and fruity drinks.

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The good news is, we’ve found some great keto friendly cocktails that you can use as inspiration into preparing your own cocktail drinks this holiday season. Even though they are low in carbs, these drinks are appetizing and truly refreshing. No one will even notice that these keto friendly cocktails are low in carbs!

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Keto Friendly Cocktails

1. Sugar Free Margarita

keto friendly cocktails

You can’t make everyone in the dinner table happy without serving margaritas, especially if you have some tacos on your menu. This Mexican cocktail is loved by many and can go well with a wide range of Mexican dishes.

While a traditional Margarita cocktail recipe uses Triple Sec or Cointreau orange liqueurs, this Sugar-free Margarita made by Laura Dolson does not come with any of these carbo-loaded ingredients. Instead, it uses lime juice, orange extract and a tablespoon of the low carb sweetener stevia, making it perfect for your keto diet.

2. Low Carb, No Guilt Gin Tonic Cocktail

low carb gin & tonicJust like Margaritas, Gin & Tonic is also a popular cocktail drink that’s often served on holidays. This classic drink is light and refreshing and perfect before any meal.

Aneesha from Spice Cravings has created a low-carb version of this refreshing cocktail drink. She replaced half of the tonic with club soda to come up with this Low Carb, No Guilt Gin Tonic Cocktail Drink. The result is a refreshing gin drink with only 3 grams of carbs!

3. Low Carb Moscow Mule

low carb Moscow mule

Moscow mule is a famous cocktail made with vodka, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer. And while you might think this drink came from Moscow, this actually originated in Los Angeles.

This cocktail is usually served in a mug made of copper. If you want to have this drink on your holiday dinner menu, check out this Low Carb Moscow Mule recipe from Mellissa Sevigny of  I Breathe I’m Hungry.

Having only 1.5 grams of net carbs, you can drink several glasses of these keto friendly cocktails without ruining your keto diet.

4. Low Carb Mojito

low carb mojito

The mojito is a popular cocktail that is often served during holiday parties and gatherings. However, aside from mint, rum, and soda water, this drink is also prepared with sugar.

Thankfully, there are low carb versions of this drink and one of them is this Low Carb Mojito recipe from Georgina Bomer of Step Away from the Carbs. The recipe uses Swerve for sweetener, although you are free to use other keto-friendly sweeteners that you like. Liquid Stevia would be a great option too!

5. Coconut Gin and Tonics

cococonut gin & tonic

If you wanted a cocktail drink that doesn’t take long to put together then check out this Coconut Gin and Tonic from the Dana Shultz the Minimalist Baker.

This is one of those keto friendly cocktails that is eminently suitable for those who don’t want to flaff about with loads of unusual ingredients. In fact, it only uses four basic  ingredients and one optional and will only take five minutes to prepare!

The subtle sweetness comes from coconut water but is sharpened up with a little lime juice. You can add a sprig of mint to liven up the flavor if you like.

6. Low Carb Sangria

low carb sangria

Sangria is a popular cocktail drink from Spain that’s made from red wine. A typical sangria drink has 18 g of carbs and 16 g of this comes from sugar. It’s definitely not the kind of drink that you want for your keto diet.

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But Marye Audet of Lowcarb-ology has devised a low-carb version of this drink. This Low Carb Sangria is made with red wine, some flavored vodka, a zero carb drink mix to mimic the fruity flavor of sangria and some club soda to give it some sparkle.

Unfortunately the drink mix is sweetened with sucralose, an artificial sweetener, which I’ve already written an article about here: Artificial Sweeteners on Keto? Good or Bad?

7. Low Carb & Sugar-Free Kamikaze Shot

low carb kamikazi shot

If you’ve tried a Kamikaze Shot before, then you know that this cocktail is really appetizing. However, the traditional Kamikaze shot has more than 50 g of net carbs!

For most keto dieters, this amount is equivalent to twice the amount of carbs they are allowed in a day in order to stay in ketosis.

But the good news is, you can enjoy a sugar-free version of this drink by following this Low Carb and Sugar-free Kamikaze Shot recipe from Tasha Metcalf of Ketogasm.

She now uses Stevia or Erythritol as the low carb sweetener in place of the Splenda that she originally used in the recipe. Thank goodness she finally saw the light!

8. Low Carb Strawberry Margaritas

low carb strawberry margarita

Another great inspiration for a low-carb margarita recipe is this Low Carb Strawberry Margaritas from Carolyn of All Day I Dream About Food.

It’s easy to prepare plus the ingredients used are probably already sitting on your fridge. No need to go out for grocery shopping. All you need are fresh strawberries, limes, and some good tequila.

This low-carb cocktail drink is sweetened with Swerve which is erythritol. a zero carb sweetener. One cocktail contains only 7 grams net carbs, which means it’s absolutely keto-friendly!

9. Low Carb Caribbean Rum Punch

low carb carribbean rum punch

The Caribbean Rum Punch is a Classic cocktail drink that was often a staple at summer parties during the 1960s. It’s a traditional rum punch prepared using a combination of rum and fruit juice.

Of course, fruit juices are not ideal for any low carb diet since they are loaded with carbs! So Marye from Lowcarb-ology came up with a low-carb version of this drink.

She uses these flavored water enhancers that she loves so much but I’m dubious about because they are sweetened with an artificial sweetener. As I mentioned above I have written an article about these which you may want to read. The cocktail she’s created contains only 0.8 carbs!

10. Keto Hot Buttered Rum Mix

hot buttered rum cocktail

The hot buttered rum is a cocktail drink made with butter, rum, cream, swerve sweetener, sugar free maple syrup, and some spices.

Originated in the United States, this drink is very popular during the winter and is often associated with the holiday season.

Unfortunately, the traditional hot buttered rum recipe contains a lot of sugar. Thankfully, Kyndra Holley from Peace Love and Low Carb came up with a keto-friendly version of this classic drink, the Keto Hot Buttered Rum Mix.

So if you want to serve some classic cocktails for your holiday dinner, this is one of those keto friendly cocktails that you may want to try.

11. Keto Hibiscus Cocktail

keto hibiscus tea cocktail

This refreshing keto friendly cocktail is rather unusual as it’s made with hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus is reputed to have a number of health benefits from reducing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and inflammation to relieving digestive and immune system problems. It’s even said to potentially help treat diseases of the liver and cancer.

This cocktail by Lisa Hatfield of Delicious Table is made with hibiscus tea bags, vodka,  a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon juice, sparkling mineral water and liquid stevia to sweeten.

Lisa uses a brand of Hibiscus tea that includes orange peel, rose hips and passion fruit. Sounds like a keto friendly cocktail right up my street!


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