Plant Based 4 Day Keto Challenge With Dr Ritamarie

plant based keto

Plant based Keto Diet?

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo assures us that keto CAN be done on a 100% plant diet. It’s the diet she follows!

She is one of my favorite teachers — SO knowledgeable. I’ll trust her any day.

In her 4 Day Keto Challenge you will learn:

* What exactly ketones are, and how they contribute to weight loss, brain clarity, and hormone balance;

* The benefits of a ketogenic diet, when done correctly;

* The serious long-term dangers of the “bacon and butter” version of keto;

* How to do plant-centered keto using an abundance of water-rich veggies, whole foods, and plant fats;

* Healthy, keto-friendly food swaps for all of your favorite foods;

* How to stock a healthy keto kitchen;

* How intermittent fasting can keep your blood sugar balanced, your cravings at bay, and your energy high;

How to know if you’re a good candidate for keto (not everyone is)

* How to dip your toes in if you’re not sure, rather than dive in head first.

Here are her videos for the Plant Based Keto Challenge which will only be available until February 7th so try to watch them now.

Day 1 Video

Day 2 Video

Day 3 Video

Day 4 Video

Want more information about the Keto Challenge?  Sign up here:


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