Valentine’s Day Dishes | Low Carb & Keto

Valentines Day dishes

If you’re planning a date night for Valentine’s Day and are hoping to cook healthy meals, try these delicious Valentine’s Day dishes. These recipes are created with a low carb dieter in mind.

Just because you or your loved one is trying to go low carb doesn’t mean you have to skimp on delicious meals. Contrary to what most people seem to think, you will find tons of Valentine’s Day dishes that can be prepared using keto-friendly ingredients.

What’s more, most of these recipes are so easy that you can prepare them with your date for a romantic bonding moment.

So, light a few non-toxic candles, play your favorite mood music, and prep up these Valentine’s Day dishes together.

For more recipes check out these keto and low carb Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes and these Valentine’s Day Recipes. For desserts choose one from these 12 Impressive Low Carb Desserts For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Dishes

1. Easy Keto Lobster Bisque

Valentines Day dishes

Warm up by starting your dinner with this delicious Lobster Bisque from Lisa of Low Carb Yum. Easy to prepare using low carb ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen, you will have this first course on the dinner table in no time!

The best part about this gourmet soup is that it’s gluten-free and contains only four net carbs per serving. While most bisque soups are thickened with flour, this recipe uses glucomannan powder as a thickener.

2. Amazing Low Carb Avocado Tuna Salad

keto avocado tuna salad

While following a low carb diet, you must eat an abundance of low carb veggetables. So, try to include a salad on your Valentine’s Dinner menu. This Amazing Avocado Tuna Salad from Amy of Sizzling Eats is a great recipe to try.

It contains ample healthy fats coming from the avocado and tuna. Plus, it has nutritious green veggies like bell pepper, onion, and celery. Each serving of this salad contains only 3 grams of net carbs, so feel free to eat more if you like.

3. Keto Stuffed Mushrooms

keto stuffed mushrooms

For appetizers, prep these Keto Stuffed Mushrooms made by Zuzana, recipe creator of Lowcarb-No carb. Packed with bolognese sauce and topped with melted cheese, these stuffed mushrooms are the ultimate keto appetizer.

Prepare the stuffed mushrooms a day ahead to save even more time and avoid mess. When dinner comes, all you will do is arrange the stuffed mushrooms with the bolognese sauce onto the grill, and in a few minutes, you can start your dinner.

4. Keto Steak Au Poivre

keto steak au poivre

There are good reasons why everyone loves a steak – it’s rich, flavorful, and definitely satisfying. Luckily for low carb dieters, a steak is one of those Valentine’s Day dishes that are safe for your diet.

It’s virtually carb-free, full of protein, and will keep you feeling full longer. You’ll find tons of low-carb steak recipes out there, but this Keto Steak Au Poivre from Logan of Better Than Bread Keto is simply irresistible. A little bit of Cognac makes this steak even more special!

5. Low Carb Turkey Spaghetti Zoodles

low carb turkey spaghetti zoodles

It would be nice to dine at an Italian restaurant for your Valentine’s Day dinner. But between the pasta and the pizza, it can be hard to stick to your low-carb diet. If you find yourself craving pasta on Valentine’s Day, consider making a low-carb version of your favorite pasta dish.

For inspiration, check out this Turkey Spaghetti Zoodles recipe from Megan of Skinny Fitalicious. Instead of the usual pasta, this recipe used zucchini noodles. Feel free to use any pasta alternative of your choice.

6. Keto Pizza

keto pizza

If it’s pizza that you’re craving, this Keto Pizza recipe from Arman of the Big Man’s World is a great idea. Arman prepared the dough using keto-friendly ingredients to make this pizza low-carb, such as almond flour, mozzarella cheese, and cream cheese.

Once you have the dough, you are free to experiment with any toppings that you want. You can have margherita, vegetarian, or meat lovers. Just make sure all toppings are low in carbs!

7. Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts

Valentines Day dishes

Your Valentine’s Day dinner won’t be complete without the desserts. In fact, it’s one of the most awaited parts of your meal. Although sugar is something you need to avoid in a low-carb diet, this does not mean you can’t indulge in your favorite desserts.

As a matter of fact, you will find tons of delicious Valentine’s Day dessert recipes out there. This Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts recipe is one of them. Made by Mac of the Healthy Little Peach, these chocolate hearts are sure to impress your loved one!

8. Keto Valentine’s Day Brownies

keto Valentines Day brownies

It’s hard to believe that you can indulge in delicious chocolate brownies while on the keto diet. However, these Keto Valentine’s Day Brownies from Aleta of Mama Bears Cookbook prove that you can still enjoy your favorite dessert without getting kicked out of ketosis.

These chocolate brownies are super chocolatey and ultimately fudgy, but you’d be surprised to know that each slice contains only 2.7 grams of net carbs! So, go ahead, treat yourself to a piece or two!

9. Keto Red Velvet Cake

keto red velvet cake recipes

This Keto Red Velvet Cake can make for a perfect centerpiece on your Valentine’s Day dinner table. The recipe is from Ioana of Low Carb Spark and is made with keto-friendly ingredients that are guaranteed to help you stay in ketosis.

The fluffy cake is made from almond flour, coconut flour, and cocoa powder. Topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting, this red velvet cake is sure to complete your Valentine’s Day celebration.

10. Keto Berry Vodka Cocktail

berry vodka cocktail

After eating all the delicious Valentine’s Day dishes you have prepared for dinner, the best way to cap off your meal is a glass of delicious cocktail. While most cocktail drinks are notorious for having lots of sugar in them, there are cocktail drinks made of keto-friendly ingredients that taste just as great as the real thing.

For instance, this Keto Berry Vodka Cocktail from Dear Mica contains only 3 grams of carbs per serving. It’s low in carbs, sugar, and calories, so you can enjoy a glass or two without feeling guilty.


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