8 Ways to Combat Starch Cravings on A Low Carb Diet

low carb cravings

When you’re on a low carb diet, cravings for sweets and starches can occur when your body starts to acclimatize to your low sugar and starch intake. It’s the carbohydrates that provide the body with a quick source of energy and if you suddenly cut it out of your diet, your body will end up working a bit harder in order to transition into using fats as its primary source of fuel.

Until your body gets acquainted with using fats for fuel, your cravings for sweets and starchy foods can be strong. This effect is often temporary, but here are some tips to help you cope with the constant starch cravings.

8 Ways to Combat Starch Cravings on A Low Carb Diet

  1. Give in a little

You don’t need to be too hard on yourself. Eat a bit of what it is that you are craving for. If it’s your favorite cake, treat yourself to a tiny slice of it. Just make sure you give yourself a limit of up to 150-calories.

2. Eat sufficient amount of protein

The lack of protein is sometimes the reason behind your constant cravings for sugar. Therefore, include a sufficient amount of protein in your daily diet so you will feel satiated for longer and your desire to eat sugary foods will be lessened.

3. Combine foods

Try to combine your cravings with a healthful meal. If you love chocolate a lot, look for low carb recipes that have chocolate as one of the ingredients, such as chocolate keto fat bombs or this Cacao Keto Smoothie With Chia Seeds & Avocado. These low carb recipes will give you what you are craving for but without the guilt.

4. Avoid starving yourself

One of the great things about going on a low carb diet is that you’ll naturally feel full and you will end up eating less. But do not try to purposely skip meals on top of going on a low carb diet. Doing this will only lead to strong cravings and will make you fall off the wagon.

5. Chew some gum

If you want to totally avoid giving in to your sugar cravings, consider chewing a stick of sugar-free gum. According to research, chewing gum can greatly help to combat food cravings. Having only one to two grams of carbohydrates in every stick, including a stick of gum in your low carb diet shouldn’t cause any problem.

6. Eat frequently

If you tend to crave starch more often, try to eat more frequently. For instance, you can eat up to six low carb meals in a day instead of only three. Also consider eating low carb snacks in between meals.

7. Drink lots of water

We all know that drinking water is very important. In fact, it’s even more important if you’re on a low carb diet. When your body burns fat for fuel, your body’s need for water will be increased. So stay well hydrated at all times, using filtered water, because your thirst could masquerade as starch cravings.

8. Try to avoid caffeine

Caffeine can influence your blood sugar level, which will make you crave more sugar. If you love coffee a lot and you’re struggling with sugar cravings, try to avoid caffeine as much as you can.

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