Does MCT Oil Help You Burn Fat?

MCT oil

You’ve probably heard the buzz about MCT oil but may be wonder what it is and if it’s just another fad food trend. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. These are a form of saturated fat that can be digested easily and converted into energy quickly. Basically, MCTs are fats that work just like the carbohydrates once ingested. It is because of these special properties that make MCT oil an effective ingredient for burning fat.

What Is MCT Oil?

This oil is a man made blend of oils usually from coconuts which contains about 62% MCTs. Other dietary sources of MCT oil include grass-fed butter and palm oil. Purified MCT oil is also available as a dietary supplement and as an ingredient for adding to food although it should not be heated.

Medium Chain Triglyceride oil has been used for years to add calories to baby formulas. But recently, bodybuilders, professional athletes, and diet gurus have started to embrace MCT for its energy boosting and fat burning abilities.

Does MCT Burn Fats?

When the oil is ingested, it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestion process that longer chain fats would normally go through. Thus, the MCTs provide a quick energy boost to the body and are less likely to be stored as fats in the fat cells.

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In one study, the oil was compared to olive oil for their effectiveness in weight loss. It was shown that MCT oil is far more effective in promoting weight loss than olive oil. The study also noted that a weight loss diet that includes MCT oil is far more effective.

Furthermore, several studies show that eating a meal that contains MCTs can lead to a significant increase in the amount of calories burned, a process known as the thermogenic effect. If more calories are burned in your body, fewer fats will be stored, and as a result, the level of body fats will be reduced.

Using MCT Oil To Burn Fats

With its ability to help burn fats, more and more people are now adding MCT oil to their diet, especially those who are on the ketogenic diet, a diet that requires consuming a good amount of fats. But what’s the best way to use the MCT oil?

Some prefer to consume the oil directly, while most people would prefer to add the oil to their food. The oil is tasteless and odorless, so it will not alter the taste of the food.  The oil has a low smoking point so should not be heated to temperatures above 150-160°C.

You can use it to make a salad dressing, put it in a smoothie, or use it as a marinade base, or just take it by the tablespoon.

Some followers of the keto diet add the oil to their coffee. Also known as keto coffee or bulletproof coffee, the coffee is a great way to get energy boosting ketones to jumpstart your day. Aside from the coffee and MCT oil, it also contains grass-fed butter, and an option to add whipping cream and vanilla extract.

If you want to supplement these dietary sources of MCT oil, check out
Keto Logics Pure C8/C10 MCT Oil.  C8 refers to  caprylic acid which is quickly converted into ketones and a good source of immediate energy, while C10 is capric acid which contains antifungal properties and helps boost immunity and improve gut health.


Excess calories from any food that we eat are stored as fats in our body. However, certain foods get converted to energy faster than others. MCT oil is among those foods that get converted to energy quickly, speeds up your metabolism and curbs your appetite.

It is for this reason that MCTs are considered effective in burning fats. For those who are on the ketogenic diet, this oil is a great way to add fats into your diet, which can be converted to ketones and provides energy that your body needs.


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