Mother’s Day Recipes – Low Carb & Keto

Mother's Day recipes

The best way to show love to your mom this Mother’s Day is to prepare her the healthiest and most delicious Mother’s Day recipes. And if you’re looking for low carb and keto-friendly recipe ideas, you will certainly be spoiled for choice since there is a lot to choose from.

If your mom is self-isolating at home because of the coronavirus restrictions then perhaps you could prepare a dish and deliver it to her. Whatever the case there is a probably a way round it.

To help you decide what to prepare, we’ve narrowed down a list of some of the best low carb & keto friendly Mother’s Day recipes below. From appetizers, salads, mains, and desserts, these recipes are guaranteed to make your mom feel loved this Mother’s Day.

Also take a look at these Low Carb & Keto Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes for more inspiration.

Mother’s Day Recipes

1. Low-Carb Sriracha Beef Lettuce Wraps

Mother's Day recipes

If you’re looking for a guilt-free appetizer to delight your mom for dinner, check out these Low-Carb Sriracha Beef Lettuce Wraps by Kalyn Denny from Kalyn’s Kitchen. These wraps are absolutely tasty and making them is quick and easy.

So if you’re pressed for time, this is certainly the best recipe to try. All you need to do is cook the beef and arrange them on lettuce leaves. The wraps are so delicious and with only 8 grams of carbs per serving, they are guaranteed keto-friendly.

2. Low Carb Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad

low carb diet recipes

For lunch on Mother’s Day, why not prepare this healthy and delicious Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad from Maya Krampf of Wholesome Yum. You don’t have to be low carb or keto to enjoy this salad. It’s perfect for anyone.

The best part is that this Mother’s Day recipe will only take a few minutes of your time to prepare. You start by making the dressing. Then add the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and mix. Drizzle the dressing over and you’re done!

3. Mediterranean Low Carb Broccoli Salad

Mother's Day recipes

Another healthy salad that your mom is guaranteed to love is this Mediterranean Low Carb Broccoli from Taylor Kiser of Food Faith Fitness. This salad has Greek yogurt for the dressing and is bursting with fresh and flavorful herbs.

You can have this as a side dish and serve alongside a meat-based dish. The best thing about this salad is that you can prepare it the day before and store it in the fridge overnight. This will give you plenty of time to spend with mom when her special day comes!

4. Keto Festive Goat Cheese and Kale Quiche


Keto Quiche

Invite your mom for brunch on Mother’s Day and cook this delicious Keto Goat Cheese and Kale Quiche for her. Created by Jo Harding on the Keto Diet App this quiche is made with low carb and keto-friendly ingredients.

To prepare this recipe, you’ll start by making the light and buttery crust. Who would have thought that a grain free pastry could taste so good. Sure, it requires a bit of an effort, but it’s definitely worth it after seeing your mom’s happy face while devouring this tasty quiche!

You could serve it with a nice side salad. like this low carb Kale Cesar Salad or choose from these 14 Keto Salad Recipes. 

5. Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole

low carb ranch casserole

This Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole from Maya Krampf of Wholesome Yum will not only be loved by your mom but by the whole family as well. It’s one of those Mother’s Day recipes that you can prep very easily. In fact, it only uses 7 ingredients and takes only 5 minutes to prepare.

Plus, the recipe is available in two versions. The first is made with spinach while the other version uses broccoli. Both vegetables are keto-friendly but you can use any low carb vegetables you like or have to hand.

Regardless of the vegetable you use though, you’ll end up with a creamy, tangy, and tasty casserole that will be loved by the entire family.

6. Garlic Butter Salmon and Asparagus

low carb salmon and asparagus

This Garlic Butter Salmon and Asparagus from Karly Campbell of That Low Carb Life is simply perfect for your mom’s special day. It’s proof that eating healthy can be just as satisfying, something that I’m sure your mom will agree one hundred percent, especially after tasting this delicious dish.

The juicy and flaky salmon goes well with the crisp and tender asparagus. Thanks to the garlic butter, it gives the dish an amazing flavor and there’s no doubt that your mom is going to love this dish!

7. Keto Oven-baked Ribs

Keto ribs

No need to bring out the BBQ to make these pork ribs.  Baked in the oven until tender they are bound to impress everyone with the flavor.  Created by Kim of Low Carb Maven, these oven-baked ribs are cooked with her special low carb rub and finished with a sugar-free barbecue sauce. So, everyone can indulge without feeling the guilt.

The best part is that these ribs are so easy to prepare. You only need a sheet pan and foil and you can cook them in the oven. No basting required! In less than 2 hours, you’ll have flavorful and juicy ribs ready to serve.

8. Keto Chicken Sausage Kale Mozzarella Bake

Mother's Day recipes

This Chicken Sausage Kale Mozzarella Bake from Kalyn Denny of Kalyn’s Kitchen is the perfect way to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day. You can make it with any low carb sausage and any greens you like if you don’t like kale.

This casserole is suitable for keto, low carb or gluten-free diets. But whether your mom is on the keto diet or not, she will surely be delighted at how tasty this dish is. And if you’ve got some leftover, simply store it in the fridge and reheat.

9. Keto Lemon Cream Pie

low carb lemon cream pie

Now for some Mother’s Day desserts. If you and your mom love the taste of lemon then she will just love this Lemon Cream Pie for dessert. This sugar-free lemon pie recipe is made by Brenda of the Sugar-free Mom.

It’s low-carb and gluten-free and will delight even your carb-loving friends and family! The flaky crust is made with coconut flour and the filling makes use of Swerve sweetener and unflavored gelatin. This Mother’s Day Recipe is everything that a keto dieter will love.

10. Fudgy Keto Brownies

keto brownies recipe

If your mom is a chocoholic then these fudgy keto brownies would be the perfect dessert to prepare. This Ultimate Keto Brownie recipe is from Carolyn of All Day I Dream About Food. With less than 4 grams of total carbs, your mom won’t feel guilty giving in to her chocolate cravings.

The brownies are made with almond flour, Swerve sweetener, gelatin, and sugar-free dark chocolate chips. All these are guaranteed keto-friendly so you can have a few bites even if you’re watching your carbs.

11. Low Carb Cherry Vanilla Iced Tea

Mother's Day recipes

For something a little different why not make your Mother’s Day celebration even more refreshing by mixing up this delicious Sugar-free Cherry Vanilla Iced Tea from Elviira of Low Carb So Simple.

It features an amazing combination of Rooibos tea with lime juice and natural cherry flavor. Since it uses Stevia for its sweetener, your mom can have as many glasses as she wants without worrying about the dreaded carbs.

Hope you’ll find some inspiration among this roundup of healthy Mother’s Day recipes and that your mom will be delighted with whatever you decide to cook.

Mother’s Day table setting image by Carlis Sanchez.


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