5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism To Lose Weight


When it comes to losing weight, you’ll most likely hear the word “metabolism.”  Did you know that it’s possible to boost your metabolism?

Not sure what it means? Metabolism basically refers to chemical reactions that keep your body alive and functioning well but it generally refers to the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy.

The higher your metabolism is, the more calories your body will be able to burn. Therefore, if you want to easily lose weight, it pays to take steps to boost your metabolism level. But how do you do this? Check out the five simple ways below on how you can boost your metabolism.

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Boost Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

1. Perform High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a form of exercise that is said to be capable of burning more calories than any other forms of exercises. This form of exercise has become very popular in the recent years and has, in fact, topped the list of the biggest fitness trends of 2018.

According to Dai Manuel, a lifestyle mentor and wellness coach who is an advocate of HIIT,

“The hidden gem with HIIT is that it increases your metabolism, enabling your body to burn more fat as you rest.”

HIIT is basically a cardio session alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. So if you want to boost your metabolism and lose weight fast, you should perform HIIT exercises.

2. Increase Protein Intake

Eating food can actually boost your metabolism, a process known as TEF or Thermic Effect of Food. This is triggered by the extra calories that are needed to digest and absorb the nutrients coming from the food that you eat. According to health experts, proteins are those foods that have the largest rise during TEF.

Protein is actually the hardest food for your body to break down and use. According to Dr Murray, a Naturopathic, doctor your body wastes 20 to 30 percent of the calories in protein in its processing and the release of heat. So, by eating a lot of protein, you could increase your metabolic rate by 20 to 30 percent.

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He goes on to say this:

On the other hand, carbohydrates are utilized more efficiently by the body so that 5 to 10 percent of the calories in carbohydrates are wasted in processing and heat

Eating protein has also been shown to help you feel more full and prevent you from overeating so that’s why eating a low carb diet with more protein can help with weight loss. 

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3. Drink Plenty of Water

If you want to boost your metabolism, it’s time to replace sugary drinks with water. Sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices are loaded with calories and replacing them with water means you’ll be able to greatly lower your calorie consumption.

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Drinking water can also help to temporarily boost your metabolism. According to one study, drinking plenty of water could increase the body’s resting metabolism rate by up to 30%.

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4. Lift Weights

Our muscles are more active than our fats and building muscles through weight lifting is one way to boost your metabolism level. As stated in the Oxygenmag.com,

“muscles are a form of tissue that’s more metabolically active than fat and that helps you burn more calories throughout the day”

Lifting weights can also help you to retain your muscles and prevent your metabolism level from dropping, which is a common occurrence during weight loss. Lifting weights can break down your muscles and your muscles respond by building more muscle cells, which compensates the load being applied against them. The new muscle cells need energy and are capable of burning three times more calories than your fat cells.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is linked to obesity and this is partly because sleep deprivation could affect your level of metabolism. Also a lack of sleep has been shown to boost the hormone known as ghrelin, which triggers hunger, and decreases leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full.

This explains why those who don’t get enough sleep find themselves feeling hungry too often. If you want to increase your metabolism and lose weight fast, you should make sure to get enough sleep every day.


Boosting your metabolism level is not really too complicated. In fact, it simply requires making small changes in your lifestyle, such as drinking enough water, eating more protein, and getting enough sleep. If you will follow the tips above, you should be able to boost your metabolism level and lose weight in no time.

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