Cacao Keto Smoothie With Chia Seeds & Avocado

Keto smoothie

The goal of the keto diet is to put your body into the state of ketosis, which you can achieve by lowering carbs in your diet and eating lots of healthy fats instead. One way of easing into the diet is by making and drinking a healthy keto smoothie first thing in the mornings.

I came across this cacao keto smoothie by the healthylife channel while browsing some keto recipes on YouTube. It’s very healthy and ideal for a low carb diet too.

Coconut milk contains a beneficial fat called lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that’s easily absorbed and used by the body for energy. It serves as a great keto diet food, and it actually helps to lower cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure and prevent heart attacks or a stroke.

Adding avocado to this smoothie will give it a delicious creamy texture and its an excellent source of healthy fats, which is especially important when you’re going keto.

Chia seeds will give your smoothie a powerful nutritional boost as they are high in fiber and omega 3 fats, loaded with antioxidants and the essential minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and iron.

The fiber can help you feel full and keep your appetite under control so you don’t overeat. For this reason many articles on the internet will tell you that chia seeds can help with weight loss.

However, a medically reviewed article on HealthLine says:

There are few human studies on chia seeds and weight loss. A 2009 study reviewed the effects of chia seeds on weight loss and disease risk factors. For the study, 90 overweight or obese adults consumed either a placebo or 25 grams of chia seeds mixed with water before their first and last meals of the day. Unfortunately, the results showed no impact on body mass, body composition, or disease risk factors.

Above all, the ingredients used are highly nutritious, heart-healthy, and definitely keto-friendly.

This recipe calls for soaking the chia seeds before adding to the smoothie but some people add them to their smoothies without soaking first. It’s up to you really. Try both ways and see which way you prefer. I think they blend up better if you soak them first.

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Cacao Keto Smoothie With Chia Seeds & Avocado


• 1 tbsp. Chia seeds, soaked in 3 tbsp. of filtered water for ten minutes.
• 1 tbsp. Coconut oil.
• 1 tbsp. Nut butter of your choice (not peanut)
• 1–1¼ cups Coconut milk
• ½ frozen avocado
• ¼ cup filtered water, if needed
• 2 tsp. Cacao or cocoa powder
• Cinnamon and cacao nibs for topping)
• Ice made with filtered water (optional)


• In a high-speed blender, pour in 1 – 1/4 cup of coconut milk.

• Next, add the chia seeds. Then add 1 tbsp. of the nut butter. You can go for almond butter or sunflower seed butter. Just avoid peanut butter because it can contain mycotoxins.

• Next, add the cacao nibs or cocoa powder, depending on your preference. You could also use a scoop of chocolate protein powder made from bone broth.

• Finally, add the frozen avocado and 1 tbsp. of coconut oil.

• Blend the ingredients until they are very smooth, adding filtered water if necessary. If you wanted to add some bulk to your smoothie and you don’t have frozen avocado, consider adding some ice. You can also top your smoothie with the cacao nibs and a little ground cinnamon.

• Enjoy!

Here’s a video of how to make it.

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Smoothie image by Women Daily Magazine



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