Can You Really Lose Weight On Keto Without Exercise?

lose weight on keto without exercise

One of the things that I keep hearing people say is that you can lose weight on keto without exercise.  For most people, adopting an exercise regimen as well as a diet can be a bit of a challenge given their hectic lifestyle. So, let’s take a closer look at the question.

Can You Lose Weight On Keto Without Exercise?

Burning Fat Through Ketosis

In essence, it is possible to lose weight on keto without having to exercise on a daily basis. It’s because of the manner in which the ketogenic diet works. First, if your body is in the state of ketosis, it’s going to burn the fats that you eat and turn them into energy. As explained by Dr. Mercola on his blog about the ketogenic diet,

“When following a ketogenic diet, your body eventually becomes accustomed to using healthy fats as its main source of fuel. This causes the liver to produce higher amounts of ketones, which are water-soluble fats that burn more efficiently than carbs.”

Of course, the energy is not only used up during exercise and performing other physical activities but in everything that you do as well. In fact, even if you’re sleeping, your body will need fuel in order to keep going. Since all the fuel that you get from keto comes from fat, you do not really need to perform exercises in order to burn them off and lose weight.

In addition, since a low carb diet like keto helps to curb your appetite, you will end up eating a low-calorie diet naturally. As a result, your calorie use every day will be more likely to exceed your calorie intake so there is no longer a need to burn any excess calories off through exercise.

Why It’s Still Important to Exercise

While it is definitely possible to lose weight on keto without exercise, it’s still important that you incorporate exercises in your lifestyle. There is no doubt that exercising comes with many benefits for our overall health. It is good for the heart and helps you to build lean muscles while strengthening your bones. So if you can find time to exercise while following the keto diet, then this will surely have a positive impact on the effectiveness of your weight loss.

Additionally, since a keto diet burns only fat and will not cause you to lose lean muscles unlike a low-calorie diet, the effect of any toning or muscle building exercise will be more profound. The fats could be strip off and will reveal only lean and strong muscles, but only if you will work on them. Therefore, a ketogenic diet that’s coupled with exercise will give you the best physique.

Exercises on a Keto Diet

Since following a ketogenic lifestyle means restricting your intake of carbs and since carbs are usually the primary source of energy for your body, you might be wondering what your options are when it comes to exercising. There are actually several types of exercises that you can perform when on keto but the best ones are aerobic exercises, stability exercises, and flexibility exercises. Check out this article for the best exercises to lose weight on a low carb diet and some tips to keep in mind.

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Remember that although the ketogenic diet tends to get a bad reputation when it comes to exercising, the truth is that the diet will actually yield better results if it’s done along with low to moderate exercise routines. It might take a few tweaks to find out what works best for you, but it’s definitely worth it!

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