Delicious Vegan Keto Recipe: Vegan Pesto Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Olives

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Climate change, animal suffering, and health are just among the reasons why people would choose to go on a vegan diet. Since the ketogenic diet is all about eating fewer carbs and more fats, a lot of people are wondering if such diet will also work for vegans. Yes, it will and it’s definitely possible for a vegan to go on a keto diet.

Vegan Ketogenic Diet

The Vegan ketogenic diet is among the most restrictive form of diet, yet, it is possible to pull this diet off while also improving your health and preventing animal suffering. There are certain rules that one must follow to be able to implement the diet properly:

  • Limit your consumption of carbohydrates to only 35 grams each day or even less.
  • Totally eliminate fish, meat as well as animal products like eggs, from your diet.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables that are low in carbs.
  • Get 70% of your calories from plant-based fats.
  • Get 25% of your calories from plant-based proteins.
  • Take supplements to make up for some nutrients which you may not get enough because of your diet, such as zinc, iron as well as Vitamins D3, B12 & B6, DHA & EPA, etc.

How to Limit Carbs in a Vegan Keto Diet

If you’re on a regular keto diet, then you know that it’s hard enough to limit your consumption of carbohydrate. So how is it possible for vegans to limit carbs in a vegan keto diet? Simple – eliminate the following vegan foods that are rich in carbohydrates:

  • Legumes (black beans, lentils, peas)
  • Grains (corn, wheat, cereal, rice)
  • Fruit – (bananas, apples, oranges)
  • Sugar – (agave, honey, maple syrup)

Vegan Keto Recipe: Vegan Pesto Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Olives

Just because a vegan keto diet is very restricted, does not mean that you can no longer eat delicious foods. There are so many vegan keto recipes that are not only delicious, but are easy to prepare as well. To help you get started with your vegan keto diet, here’s a recipe for a delicious low carb Vegan Pesto Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Olives by the brilliant cook Sahil Makhija, of Headbangers Kitchen. He says he’s a YouTuber by day and metal musician by night.

It may be difficult to adapt to the vegan keto diet at first, but once you get used to it, you should be able to pull it through. Good luck!


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