Dry Scooping Protein Powder | Is it Bad For You?

dry scooping protein powder

Dry scooping protein powder is one of the latest dangerous trends to have hit TikTok. It involves swallowing dry pre-work out protein powder or regular protein powder and drinking a glass of water afterwards instead of diluting the powder with liquid first.

According to those who follow this trend, dry scooping will supposedly give you a much better energy boost, allowing you to exercise harder and at an even longer period.

If you’re taking protein powders for keto and are thinking of dry scooping protein powder, please do yourself a favor and read this article first. According to some health experts, this practice is dangerous. It can have negative effects on your health, and may even lead to heart attack and stroke.

What Is Dry-Scooping Protein Powder?

Dry-scooping protein powder is when a person swallows a scoop of dry powder instead of diluting it with water, milk, juice, or other beverages. These protein powders are pre-workout powders that contain performance-enhancing ingredients, including caffeine and some amino acids. After swallowing a scoop of protein powder, users drink a glass of water to wash it down.

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Although it’s only recently that dry scooping has become popular, it’s already been around for a while. Some people claim that this practice has been around for about five years.

The reason they are doing this is that they believe it enhances the effects of the protein powder. By consuming the powder on its own, they think they will have more energy for working out and carry out more strenuous exercise activities.

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But dry-scooping can be dangerous. For the powder to be effective, the ingredients added to it are usually in higher doses. It is for this reason that the powder should be diluted before consumption.

What Are the Risks of Dry-Scooping Protein Powder?

Consuming protein powders without diluting them in liquid can have dangerous effects. These powders usually contain high levels of caffeine and other ingredients. If you consume them in dry form, there’s a risk of over-consuming these ingredients that can be dangerous to your health.

According to Bridget Benelam, a Nutrition scientist from the British Nutrition Foundation,

“Pre-workout powders typically contain caffeine along with other ingredients such as creatine, amino acids, and vitamins. So, there is a risk of over-consuming caffeine, especially if using more than once a day, or just consuming the powder, where you may consume more than the recommended amount.”

It’s also worth noting that some of these protein powders are highly unregulated in the US. They contain stimulants and other ingredients that can be dangerous to our health. Taking these powders without diluting them in water will increase the dangers of taking such dietary supplements.

Adverse health events 

A few months ago it was reported by Newsweek that a fitness influencer chased four dry scoops of pre-workout powder with another four scoops mixed with water. He ended up in the ER with dangerously high blood pressure and brain swelling.

Buzzfeed reported on a young woman who after dry scooping had to call an ambulance and was taken to hospital with a chest pains which was thought to be a heart attack.

Also, there is a risk that some of these particles will be inhaled and can lead to wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and even aspiration pneumonia. Those who have underlying lung diseases like asthma are even more susceptible to these risks.

Another dangerous effect of dry-scooping protein powder is caffeine overdose. This can trigger symptoms like chest pain, heart palpitations, dizziness, and trouble breathing. Life-threatening caffeine overdoses are even more dangerous for those with underlying heart problems, as well as those who have a low tolerance for caffeine.

What’s the Proper Way of Taking Protein Powders for Keto?

Taking whey protein powder for keto comes with many benefits. The powder offers a good amount of protein, which helps you to stay in ketosis. But since dry scooping protein powder come with many risks, stick to the basics when taking protein powder.

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Here are some safety tips when it comes to consuming protein powder:

Mix with water or other beverages – to avoid the risks that come with dry-scooping protein powder, make sure you dilute the protein powder with water or other beverages. You can also mix it with flavored fluids like coconut water or milk. Another way is to add it to your favorite smoothie like this Keto Breakfast Smoothie.

Follow proper serving suggestions – the serving suggestions for protein powders will vary, although it’s typically around 30 grams. Experts suggest that this is an ideal amount to repair any damage done to the muscles due to training. Do not take the powder beyond the recommended dose, or you’ll end up overdosing.

Choose the right protein powder– there are tons of protein powders in the market these days but do not be fooled by health claims and other promises. Take time to do your research and find out what ingredients are in them.

As mentioned above, some of these powders are unregulated in the US market since they contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health. So, do your research well and read reviews about the product before buying.

Choosing the Right Protein Powder for Keto

Sure, you will find tons of protein powders out there, but not all of them are keto-friendly. Therefore, before you buy any of them, refer to the label and find out if they are made from keto-approved ingredients.

Choose grass-fed whey protein. It’s a high-quality protein powder ideal for keto dieters. Grass-fed means the powder does not contain any junk, such as steroids and hormones that could mess up your body.

A 2019 study published in The Journal of Nutrients explained that whey protein is easily absorbed by the body, making it ideal for pre-and post-workout supplementation.

Another type of whey protein supplement that’s ideal for keto is Collagen Protein Powder. Collagen is necessary for maintaining joint health. It promotes muscle growth while helping to minimize your risk of injuries while exercising. Moreover, collagen is also effective for maintaining youthful and wrinkle-free skin.

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Final Thoughts

Protein powders are a great way to increase your protein intake in keto. They help you to easily achieve ketosis and meet your health needs while following the low-carb diet. But when it comes to taking protein powder for keto, do it the right way.

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Avoid dry scooping protein powder since this comes with many risks that could lead to dangerous side effects. It is best to stick to the basics by mixing them with water and other beverages.


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