Dalgona Whipped Coffee – Keto Recipe

whipped coffee

Dalgona coffee, also known as whipped coffee, has certainly taken the Internet by storm in the past few months.  And now that people have been advised to go into coronavirus quarantine, this drink has become the go-to caffeine fix for many confined in their homes.

When I first heard of it I wondered how it got it’s unusual name. After a bit of searching I discovered that the whipped coffee became popular after it was seen on a Korean TV program in January.

Korean actor Jung Il-Woo, who appeared on the program, had tried the drink in Macau and gave it the nickname Dalgona because its color reminded him of a traditional Korean sweet street snack of the same name.

Whipped or beaten coffee is known in India, Pakistan, and Macau but who actually came up with the idea of whipping sugar and instant coffee together is unknown. Little did they know that the idea would go viral in January 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This creamy drink is easy enough to prepare and requires only 4 basic ingredients, such as hot water, instant coffee, sugar, and milk. It has to be instant coffee too. No other kind will work for this recipe.

But, if you’re following a keto diet indulging in this whipped coffee is not a good idea. It’s loaded with sugar and that would kick you out of ketosis. Regardless of that, it’s a very unhealthy concoction.

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Keto Dalgona Coffee

Thankfully, there’s a keto-friendly version of this drink. This keto Dalgona whipped coffee recipe from Joe Duff makes use of Swerve, which is a zero-carb sweetener.

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Even though the recipe is a modified version of the original whipped coffee recipe, it still tastes just as great! If you beat the ingredients well enough and for long enough you’ll get a thick, rich, and creamy low carb coffee.

You could whisk it but it may be a bit of a long and laborious process. You’d probably have arm ache afterward. It’s best to use a hand held electric mixer.

The coffee is sort of upside down cappuccino. The milk is on the bottom and the whipped coffee froth is placed on the top. You can’t drink the milk through it though so you have to stir it into the milk, sip and enjoy. Just remember to take a picture of your handiwork first.

You can ring the changes a bit by adding some cinnamon powder or grated, sugar free chocolate on the top add or natural vanilla flavoring to the coffee.

I recommend using an organic instant coffee like La Republica rich dark instant coffee  Who wants pesticides and other contaminants in their coffee?

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Keto Dalgona Whipped Coffee


Makes 2


1. Put the hot water, coffee, and Swerve confectioner in a medium-sized bowl.

2. Using a hand mixer, whisk the mixture consistently until it forms a thick mousse. It should take around 2 – 5 min to achieve this.

3. Add ice cubes to two glasses and pour the milk in each glass. Top the milk with the thick mousse.

4. Mix the mouse with the milk leaving a little on the top.

5. Enjoy!

Check out Joe’s video demo on how to prepare a keto-friendly Dalgona whipped coffee.


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