Delicious Keto Chicken Salad


Who doesn’t love a chicken salad? If you’re on the ketogenic diet, or just a low carb diet, this Keto Chicken Salad is the perfect “go-to meal” for lunch, dinner, and even a mid-afternoon snack! I came across this recipe by Sahil Makhija recently. He cooks by day in his Headbanger’s Kitchen and plays metal music by night, hence the name.  Recently, he says, he’s been cooking more Keto recipes but does not say why. I imagine he’s heard of the immense health benefits of low carb with healthy high fats especially when it comes to weight loss.

This recipe is super basic and won’t require much of your time. It’s packed with healthy fats from the olive oil and bacon fat which is exactly what you need for your keto diet. As usual I have made a few tweaks to the basic recipe to make it super healthy.

Delicious Keto Chicken Salad Recipe

Makes 2 servings


• 175 grams organic chicken thigh and leg meat, boneless
• 1 tbsp. Greek yoghurt
• 1 tsp. dried herb seasoning mix
• 1 tsp. organic lemon or lime juice
• ½ tbsp. apple cider vinegar
• ½ tbsp. bacon fat from organic bacon for frying
• ½ tbsp. grass fed butter
• ½ tsp. extra virgin olive oil for marinating
• 100 grams cucumber
• 100 grams organic lettuce
• 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
• 30 grams olives
• 50 grams feta cheese
• 50 grams organic tomato
• Cayenne pepper
• Freshly ground black pepper
• Cayenne pepper


• Marinate the chicken with apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, mixed herbs, and the 1/2 tsp olive oil.

• Heat the bacon fat in a frying pan and add the chicken. If you don’t have bacon fat, you can use ghee, grass fed butter, or coconut oil.

• When the chicken is cooked, remove from the frying pan and set aside. Make sure you also pour in the residual fat.

• In a bowl, pour in the Greek yogurt, add the lemon or lime juice, and the remaining olive oil and mix well together. Season with cayenne, salt, and pepper.

• Slice all the vegetables and add to the bowl.

• Cut the chicken into strips and place in the bowl. Crumble the feta cheese and sprinkle over the salad.

• Serve and enjoy!

Here’s Sahil’s  video demo of the Keto Chicken Salad Recipe.

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Image by  Sahil Makhija



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