Labor Day Recipes – Low Carb & Keto

Labor Day recipes

Looking for Labor Day recipes can be tricky if you’re following a low carb diet like keto. As one of the most important holidays in the US, Labor Day marks the last weekend of summer. This is the time when vacations are over, and kids are preparing to go back to school.

Labor Day is the perfect time for families to go out, enjoy a picnic, and share delicious meals with friends. So it’s not surprising then that most of the Labor Day recipes are all about picnic foods and barbecue dishes.

Some of the old-time favorites include corn dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, coleslaw, and lemonade. Thankfully, there are low carb versions of these recipes. So even if you’re cutting down on carbs, you can still celebrate Labor Day and spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

Labor Day Recipes

1. Low Carb Cobb Salad

Labor Day recipes

Your Labor Day celebration is not complete without the red and white colors of garden salads. One of the most popular American garden salads served on Labor Day is the cobb salad.

This salad is traditionally made with chopped greens, tomatoes, bacon, chicken, and avocados. There are lots of low-carb versions of this salad, and this recipe from Kim the Low Carb Maven is one of the best.

It’s made with peppery arugula and topped with eggs, avocado, tomatoes, chicken, onion, bacon, and blue cheese. This salad is perfect for any low carb diet and can be paired with any high-protein meal.

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2. Easy Low Carb & Keto Coleslaw

keto coleslaw

Another salad that’s usually present at most Labor Day spreads is coleslaw. It’s easy to prepare and can go well with any savory meal. You can buy fresh coleslaw directly from a delicatessen but since you’re watching your carbs, it is best to make your own.

Those coleslaws may have added sugar in them, which is not suitable for a low carb diet. So instead of buying, follow this Easy Low Carb & Keto Coleslaw Recipe from Davinah who specializes in keto & low-carb comfort food.

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Here’s another low carb coleslaw recipe for you to try: Low Carb Coleslaw Recipe

3. Low Carb Chicken Salad Picnic Eggs

Labor Day Recipes

Since Labor Day is an ideal time for families to go outdoors and enjoy the warm summer weather, most of the Labor Day recipes are picnic-inspired.

For a delicious picnic food that everyone will love, these Chicken Salad Picnic Eggs from Wicked Stuffed would be a great idea. You can prepare them ahead, and they’ll be ready to pack and bring when picnic time comes!

4. Keto Hot Dogs

keto hot dogs

Finger foods are the best treats to prepare for a picnic, and for obvious reason. They are easy to pack and travel well. These keto hot dogs from Martina, the recipe creator at Keto Diet App, would be a great finger food recipe to try.

Instead of the usual American hot dogs, this recipe uses gluten-free sausages. They are healthier and go well with the low-carb fluffy dough. This recipe might not be exactly like your traditional hot dog, but it’s guaranteed to be a big hit on your picnic!

5. Mini Bunless Cheeseburger Bites with Thousand Island Dip

mini cheeseburger bites

You don’t have to skip burgers just because you’re on a low carb diet. Your best bet is to go bunless. When it comes to this, check out this delicious Mini Bunless Cheeseburger Bites with Thousand Island Dip recipe from Sugar-free Mom.

These cheeseburger bites will surely be loved by everyone, even if they are not following a low carb diet. And since these finger foods don’t require any utensils to eat, they are perfect for picnics and outdoor gatherings.

6. Keto Corn Dogs

keto corn dogs

When it comes to the most popular Labor Day recipes, corn dogs are often on top of the list. These tasty treats are popular on summer party spreads like picnics since they are easy to eat and allows you to move freely around while enjoying casual conversation with everyone.

For a low-carb version of corn dogs, check out this Keto Corn Dogs recipe from Annie Lampella of Keto Focus. Instead of cornmeal, they are rolled in keto dough, which is made with almond flour and other low-carb ingredients.

Make sure to look for healthy hot dogs. Although they are traditionally made from pork or beef many contain sugar and other unhealthy additives. Grass-fed meat hot dogs are best if you can find them.

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7. Grilled Lime Cilantro Shrimp Skewers

keto shrimp skewers

Food on a stick is perfect if you’re going for a picnic. These keto Grilled Lime Cilantro Shrimp Skewers from Julianne over at Keto Cooking Christian are sure to delight both kids and adults.

The tender shrimps are marinated with the zesty lime-cilantro marinade and grilled to perfection. These skewers are super easy to prepare. The shrimps cook up pretty quick, so it’s also a great recipe to consider for last-minute meals.

8. Keto Rotisserie Chicken

low carb rotisserie chicken recipe

The rotisserie chicken is among the most popular Labor Day recipes out there, especially for a picnic, potluck, and other outdoor gatherings. This recipe is incredibly filling and can be divided easily among family and friends.

While it’s tempting to purchase a ready-made rotisserie chicken from your local deli, some of the marinades used in these rotisserie meats may have added sugar in them and the chicken may not be free range.

So, it’s always a good idea to prepare the chicken yourself and use this Keto Rotisserie Chicken recipe from Soumyadip Chatterjee who creates healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice any of the flavor over at All Chicken Recipes as your inspiration.

9. Keto Low Carb Lemonade

This refreshing low-carb lemonade from Lindsay of That’s Low Carb is a great way to keep cool on your Labor Day outing. It is wonderfully refreshing yet it is absolutely low in carbs.

The recipe which makes 7 cups calls for 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper. According to Lindsey it takes away any aftertaste you get from the low carb sweetener stevia. You can of course leave this out if you prefer.

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Above all, this lemonade is so easy to prepare. Simply mix all ingredients in a pitcher and stir well. Don’t forget to pack some ice and store it in a cooler.

10. Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

keto strawberry ice cream

Another way to cool off on your summer outing is to serve some ice cream. This no churn Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream from Kelly of Life Made Sweeter would be a great recipe to follow.

It’s made from only six ingredients and will only require 20 minutes of your time to prepare! This ice cream might be low in carbs, but it tastes just as great as the store-bought ice cream.

Don’t forget that strawberries are number 1 on EWG’s Dirty Dozen list for produce with the most pesticide residue. It’s best to look for organic ones or some that come from a farmer who does not use toxic chemical pesticides.

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11. Keto Brownies

keto chocolate brownies

This roundup of Labor Day recipes won’t be complete without the desserts! For a delectable dessert that’s guaranteed to be loved by everybody, check out these almond flour fudgy chocolate Keto Brownies from Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie.

These brownies are so good, rich and delicious that no one will notice they are low in carbs. You can also add chopped pecans, almonds, or walnuts to the batter to make the brownies even more appetizing.

For another delicious brownie recipe check out this recipe for Low Carb Fudgy Avocado Brownies

So you see it’s not that difficult to make tasty low carb and keto Labor Day Recipes

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