3 Common Misconceptions about Low Carb Diets

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A low carb diet is no doubt one of the most effective eating plans to follow for those who are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of misconceptions spread about the diet’s effect on the body. So many people are misinformed about the real concept behind the low carb diet and how it can help them in their goal of losing weight.

It’s worth noting that the increasing popularity of low carbohydrate diets tends to have an impact on the sale of food, especially pre-packaged and processed foods, like pasta, white bread, potato chips, and other foods loaded with carbs! Due to the financial impact that the low carb diets can have on the sale of these types of foods, it’s not surprising why there is plenty of misinformation being spread regarding the diet. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about low carb diets and the real truth behind them.

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1. The Low Carb Diet Restricts The Consumption of Any Carbs

Low carb diet plans do not encourage long-term restriction of carbohydrates. It’s entirely difficult to totally cut-off carbs. In fact, the Atkins diet requires dieters a total cessation of carb consumption for only two weeks. It’s just a way of preparing the body for a more balanced eating plan in the long term. Those who find it hard to avoid carbohydrates for two weeks may skip this phase of the diet plan.

A typical low carb diet simply requires dieters to cut down on foods that do not have any health benefits in the body. Most of these are processed and refined foods that have been stripped off of their natural nutrients. Instead of eliminating the entire food group from your diet, low carb dieters are simply encouraged to avoid store-bought foods that are not good for the body.

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2. The Low Carb Diet Does Not Include A Sufficient Amount Of Fiber

Fruits and vegetables are two of the best foods to eat on a low carb diet. Since fiber will not be fully digested, the fresh produce can help dieters to feel full longer, which is important if you’re trying to lose weight. A lot of the low carb foods are loaded with fiber, which eliminates the need for low carb dieters to keep track of their fiber consumption. As a matter of fact, the very base of the food pyramid of most low carb diets consists of fruits and vegetables. Instead of totally eliminating fresh produce, people on a low carbohydrate  diet should, in fact, eat a colorful selection of fruits and veggies every day.

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3. The Low Carb Diet Is Bad For Your Kidneys

A good low carb diet will not harm your kidneys. Instead, it aids the kidney in functioning well by cutting down on plenty of food toxins that they have long been contending with. Although those who are at high risk of developing kidney diseases are often encouraged to go on a low-protein diet, a low carb diet will not usually result in exceeding  one’s recommended level of protein consumption.

The misconceptions surrounding the low carb diets may be a result of people’s lack of information about solid facts. If only people will take time to study the diet including its many benefits, they will not only benefit from the low carb diet’s ability to shed those unwanted pounds but also from its ability to help improve one’s health.

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