Healthy Superbowl Recipes – Low Carb & Keto

healthy superbowl recipes

It’s Super Bowl Sunday once again, so it’s time to look for inspirations for some Healthy Superbowl Recipes to serve your friends and family.

As you know, Super Bowl is often synonymous with snacking. This event is not only considered the most significant day in professional football in the US but also one of the biggest days for snacking with fellow football fanatics!

If you’re trying to keep your weight down by following a low carb diet like keto, these Healthy Superbowl Recipes are perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for tasty dips, mouthwatering appetizers, lip-smacking finger foods, or delectable desserts, this roundup of Healthy Superbowl Recipes has you covered.

You can find more recipes in this Keto Super Bowl Recipes roundup.

Healthy Superbowl Recipes

1. Bacon Blue Cheese Buffalo Dip

healthy superbowl recipes

Your Superbowl party won’t be complete without some delicious dips. For a healthy alternative to the usual carbo-loaded dips, check out this Blue cheese buffalo dip recipe from Brianne of Cupcakes & Kale Chips.

It’s made with blue cheese crumbles, Greek yogurt, spiced with hot sauce and topped with crispy bacon. Everyone will surely love this party appetizer. Serve it with some low carb tortilla chips and veggies. This healthy dip is so easy to prepare. All you need to do is mix all the basic ingredients together.

2. Easy Keto Low-Carb Guacamole Avocado Dip

keto guacamole

If you fancy serving some guacamole on your Superbowl Party, then take a look at this Easy Keto Low-Carb Guacamole Avocado Dip recipe made by Brandi of Stay Snatched.

This low carb guacamole dip has the right macros for your keto lifestyle. The entire recipe contains only 2 grams of net carbs for every serving. You can dip as often as you want without feeling the guilt!

3. Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

Buffalo chicken jalapeno poppers

Buffalo chicken and Jalapeno poppers are two of the most popular appetizers served during Superbowl parties. If you want to have both, why don’t you prepare these Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers from Kyndra Holley of Peace Love and Low Carb?

These healthy appetizers are a combination of your favorite Buffalo chicken wings and Jalapeno poppers. They are bursting with so much flavor and will make your Super Bowl Sunday even more enjoyable!

You can serve these appetizers on their own or with keto guacamole, or any of your favorite low carb dips.

4. Easy Asian Salmon Cucumber Appetizer

healthy superbowl recipes

If you’re looking for quick and easy to prepare Healthy Superbowl Recipes, these Asian Salmon Cucumber Appetizers recipe from Jeanette’s Healthy Living is definitely worth a try.

Your guests will absolutely love these bite-size appetizers, whether they are on a low carb diet or not. They are made with sushi-grade salmon that is high in healthy fats that are good for your health.

As a matter of fact, salmon is one of the best healthy foods to eat for fat loss. Cucumber is also a fantastic vegetable to add to your keto diet. A serving of these tasty veggies contains only 2 grams of carbs.

5. Bacon-wrapped Chicken Bites

bacon wrapped chicken bites

Chicken and bacon are two of the most popular foods to eat on a low carb diet like keto. Chicken is a good source of protein while bacon is loaded with fat that will help you to stay in ketosis.

So if you’re looking for Healthy Superbowl Recipes based on chicken and bacon, these Bacon-wrapped chicken bites by Gina, recipe developer at Skinny Taste, are exactly what you need. These delicious appetizers use only two ingredients and won’t take up much of your time to prepare!

6. Low Carb Classic Buffalo Wings – Low carb 

Buffalo wings

Chicken wings are often the top choice of finger foods during Super Bowl Sunday. The National Chicken Council has revealed that Americans consume more than 1 billion chicken wings during last year’s Super Bowl.

If you want to have some delicious chicken wings for your Super Bowl party, this Classic Buffalo Wings recipe is a great inspiration. Buffalo wings are traditionally deep fried but you can bake them in the oven if you prefer.

Made by Hayley Ryczek of Health Starts in the Kitchen, the crispy and crunchy wings go perfectly well with a buttery hot sauce. You definitely won’t be able to resist digging into these appetizing low-carb finger foods!

7. Cream Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

cream cheese stuffed meatballs

Your Super Bowl party won’t be complete without a platter of meatballs on your menu. So delight your guests by serving these flavorful Cream Cheese Stuffed Meatballs. Made by Ditch the Carbs, these Healthy Superbowl Recipes are so easy to make.

If you have some leftovers, you can store them in the freezer and reheat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! And yes, the meatballs are low in carbs, having only 0.7 grams of carbs per serving.

8. Pepperoni Pizza Bites

pepperoni pizza bites

Aside from chicken wings, pizza is another popular food that Super Bowl fans would feast on while watching their favorite game on Super Bowl Sunday. This Low-carb Pepperoni Pizza Bites recipe from Sommer Collier of A Spicy Perspective would be a great alternative to the usual high carb pizza slices.

They are much easier to prepare and are less messy as well! And unlike the traditional pizza that comes with crust, these pizza bites do not have any of that. They are made with pepperoni slices so they are the perfect finger foods to eat for your low carb diet.

9. Low-carb Fathead Pizza

fat head pizza recipe

If you would prefer more of a traditional pizza for Superbowl, then here’s a Low-carb Fathead Pizza recipe for your inspiration.

The crust is made from mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, egg, and almond flour, so it’s absolutely low in carbs. The recipe calls for microwaving the cheese but if you don’t have a microwave or simply don’t believe, like me, that microwaving food is good then you can melt it carefully in a saucepan on a stove.

Created by Karly of That Low Carb Life, this mouthwatering pizza is topped with melted cheese and delectable pepperoni.

You can choose to add more toppings if you want to and experiment with the sauce. Just make sure to choose low carb pizza sauces if you don’t want to go out of ketosis.

10. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Fat Bombs

keto chocolate chip cookie fat bombs

This roundup of Healthy Superbowl Recipes won’t be complete without adding a dessert. A great recipe to try would be these Keto Fat Bombs from Aubrey at Real Housemoms.

These fat bombs are made with dark chocolate chips that are formed into bite-sized balls and dipped into sugar-free melted chocolate. They are high in fat and low in carbs, which is perfect for your ketogenic lifestyle.

These chocolate fat bombs are so irresistible that your chocolate-loving guests will surely go crazy over them, whether they are on a low carb diet or not!


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