Keto Bowls Recipes

keto bowl recipes

Are you following the keto diet but are sometimes too tired to cook? Why don’t you try these keto bowls recipes? Keto bowls also known as power bowls are hearty and filling dishes made from low carb and healthy ingredients that are quick and easy to prepare.

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You can prepare them ahead of time and reheat them once you are ready to eat them. So, they are a convenient option for those who are too busy to prepare their meals. Keto bowls are usually made from highly nutritious ingredients to keep you full and energized throughout the day while maintaining a low carb diet.

You can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Best of all, these keto bowls recipes are so delicious that even those who are not following the keto diet will love them!

Keto Bowls Recipes

1. Loaded Keto Cauliflower Bowl

keto power bowls

Cauliflower is an excellent choice of vegetable if you are following the keto diet. Aside from being low in carbs, it’s highly nutritious and has a relatively mild flavor compared to other veggies.

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One of the best ways to add cauliflower into your keto diet is to cook it into delicious meals such as this Loaded Keto Cauliflower Bowl from Sam of Hey Keto Mama. This keto bowl is a very filling meal that will keep you feeling full longer.

Aside from the cauliflower, this dish is made with butter, onion, cheddar, cream cheese, and some bacon. It is very delicious, so feel free to share it with your friends and family!

2. Keto Chicken Gyro Bowl

keto chicken gyro bowl

If you’re into Greek foods, then you are surely familiar with gyro. It’s a pitta bread sandwich made from meat, traditionally rotisserie cooked pork, and several other typical Greek veggies.

This Keto Chicken Gyro Bowl from Kat and Melinda of Home Made Interest is made without bread of course but with the same ingredients used for gyros, such as cucumber, tomato, olives and onions.

Kat and Melinda also made a keto-friendly version of the Tzatziki Sauce, so you can be certain that this dish won’t kick you out of ketosis.

3. Keto Ahi Poke Bowl


keto poke bowl

Ahi poke is a famous Hawaiian dish served as a main course or appetizer. The dish is traditionally made from tuna, sesame oil, seaweed and served over rice.

Check out this Keto Ahi Poke Bowl from the Wholesome Yum for a low carb version of the ahi poke. Aside from tuna, this dish has cucumbers, radishes, avocados, spicy mayo, and other low carb ingredients.

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And instead of rice, it is served with cauliflower rice, so the entire meal is totally low in carbs!

4. Bacon, Egg & Asparagus Keto Bowl

keto bacon egg and asparagus bowl

If you’re looking for keto bowls recipes that can be eaten for breakfast, this Bacon, Egg & Asparagus Keto Bowl from Jo Harding of the Keto Diet App would be a great recipe to try.

It consists of crispy bacon strips and soft-boiled eggs served over lettuce, asparagus, and avocados. Topped with feta and crunchy almonds plus a low-carb dressing made of Dijon mustard, everyone is sure to love this healthy breakfast dish!

5. Vegetarian Keto Breakfast Bowl

keto bowls recipes

For a vegetarian version of a keto breakfast bowl, here’s a great recipe from Chiara of I Eat Keto. This low carb breakfast bowl has scrambled eggs, asparagus, avocados, and mixed nuts and seeds.

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The softness of the avocados and eggs complements well the crunchy nuts and seeds. This breakfast dish is so easy to prepare and contains only 4.5 grams net carbs. Loaded with proteins, fiber, and lots of healthy fats, this Vegetarian keto breakfast bowl is a healthy way to jumpstart your day!

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6. Supreme Keto Taco Bowls

keto taco bowl

Are you craving tacos? For a unique take on the traditional taco recipe, check out this Supreme Keto Taco Bowls from Paola of Gnom-gnom. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and absolutely keto-friendly since the bowls are made from low-carb tortillas.

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The flavorful beef filling, along with the delicious toppings, will make you feel full and satisfied longer. Each serving contains only 3 grams of net carbs, so you can eat a serving or two while staying in ketosis.

7. Vegan Keto Sushi Bowl

low carb vegan sushi bowl

If you are vegan and looking for keto bowls recipes that are vegan-friendly, you might be interested in trying this Vegan Keto Sushi Bowl recipe from Liz, a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant, and recipe creator of Meat Free Keto.

While sushis are traditionally made with rice, this recipe uses cooked cauliflower rice. It also has cucumber slices, seaweed salad, and Vegan Toona. Topped with avocado slices, microgreens, and sesame seeds, you will love the delicious taste of this low carb sushi, even if you’re not vegan.

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The best part is, it’s so easy to prepare. You simply have to combine all ingredients into a bowl, and enjoy!

8. Keto Chicken Burrito Bowl

keto chicken burrito bowl

Aside from tacos, burritos are another popular Mexican dish loved by many. It’s a sandwich made with soft tortillas and other delicious fillings, including meat and veggies.

These Chicken Burrito Bowls from Kelly Kwok, recipe developer of Life Made Sweeter, is inspired by the traditional burrito but without the carbs. Traditionally, burritos are made with beans, rice, and other ingredients that are not keto-friendly.

But, this low carb burrito bowl is made with cauliflower rice, avocados, and other keto-friendly ingredients, so it’s a great dish to add to your keto diet.

For an alternative to this recipe try this Keto Chicken Burrito Bowl. It’s made with ground chicken and topped with cheese.

9. Keto Mexican Shrimp Avocado Cauliflower Rice Bowl

keto avocado shrimp bowl

If you would rather have shrimps on your burrito bowls, then check out this Keto Mexican Shrimp Cauliflower Rice Bowl from Tanya of Ketovale. This delectable dish is also inspired by the traditional burrito recipe but without beans and rice.

Aside from shrimps, it has avocados and other keto-friendly ingredients and is served over cauliflower rice. With only 9 grams of net carbs per serving, this dish will satisfy your burrito cravings without the dreaded carbs.

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10. Keto Beef and Broccoli Rice Bowl

keto beef bowl

Beef and Broccoli is a popular Chinese takeout dish that’s often served with rice. For a keto-friendly version of this famous dish, check out this Keto Beef and Broccoli Rice Bowl recipe from Sahil of the Headbanger’s Kitchen.

While most of the keto bowls recipes use cauliflower rice, this recipe uses broccoli rice fior a change. Of course, you can use cauliflower rice or other low carb rice alternatives that you want. With only 1 gram of net carbs per serving, this dish is absolutely perfect for your low carb diet.


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