Modified Keto Diet – A Better Way to Lose Weight?

modified keto diet

The modified keto diet has gained popularity in the last few years as a means of losing weight faster and easier than the standard keto.

As you probably know, the ketogenic diet is not a particularly easy diet to follow for everyone. The diet is extremely restrictive and it can be challenging to stick to in the long-term.

This is why some followers of the keto diet have turned to the modified keto diet, which they believe is more flexible and easier for them to follow.

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What is this diet all about and how does it differ from the standard keto diet? Let’s take a look.

What Is Modified Keto Diet?

Also known as Keto 2.0, the modified keto diet is just like the standard keto diet except for the fact that it has a different carb to fat ratio.

The goal of the keto diet and it’s variations is to get your body into a state of ketosis. This is the state where your body uses fat from the diet and fat stored in cells instead of glucose to produce energy. This is known as being fat adapted.

If you are going to follow this diet, your macronutrient ratio is as follows:

Fat – 55%
Protein – 30%
Carbs – 15%

Fat still reigns supreme but only 55%, which is slightly less than the standard keto diet, that would require you to consume up to 75% healthy fat. And as you’ve noticed, the protein component has been increased to 30% instead of only 15 to 20%.

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According to Dr. Brett Osborn, the author of “Get Serious: A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness”,

“The modified keto diet is healthy living—that’s it. It is for those looking to lose weight, aim to shed about a pound per week. Any more and you could be stealing from muscle mass—which is bound to happen on the traditional keto diet.”

Some keto followers who have been on the diet for a long time may unknowingly be doing the modified version as they allow carbs to creep up. Beginners can also benefit from the modified keto diet since it’s less restrictive and is much more feasible for them.

Liz Weinandy, a registered dietitian, says that the modified keto is very similar to the standard keto however it’s much easier to follow.

“It’s very similar to a classic keto diet but it’s slightly less extreme in its reliance on fat as the primary source of calories, and thus, may be marginally easier to stick with.”

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Benefits of the Modified Ketogenic Diet

Since the modified keto diet is somewhat similar to the typical keto diet, it also offers similar health benefits from improving chronic illness to optimizing performance. But why should you choose the modified version over the standard version? What are the potential benefits?

Easy Introduction to the Keto Diet

If you are still contemplating whether to go keto or not, the modified version might be a great start. It’s a softer approach to keto since it’s not so restrictive and may help you avoid the initial side effects of the diet such as low carb constipation and keto flu.

Starting with the modified version is a gentler way of experiencing the diet .

May Help You Lose Weight

If you are planning to change your lifestyle to a healthier one in order to shed some pounds but you don’t want make extreme changes to your eating habits, the modified keto is a good choice.

Even though it has a slightly different macro ratio, it can still give you the same benefits. One of these is to lose weight. And if you include exercise in your new lifestyle, you are sure to burn those stubborn fats and achieve your weight loss goal.

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May Prevent Heart Disease

One of the biggest benefits of the keto diet is in preventing heart diseases. Since the modified keto is somewhat similar to the standard keto, you could also enjoy the same benefit.

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As long as you focus on eating healthy fats and high-quality protein, then you may be able to improve your heart health with the modified keto. But if you’re doing it in a bad way, such as eating lots of unhealthy and processed meats, then you’ll end up causing more harm than good to your cardio-vascular system.

How To Do The Modified Keto Diet

If you have been following the ketogenic diet, then the modified keto diet should be easy for you. Basically, the diet will simply require you to lower your fat consumption but increase your intake of protein.

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Perhaps, you can start your day by eating 1 – 2 organic pastured eggs. You can cook them with coconut oil or butter and add some avocado on some keto bread.

You could also have some low carb vegetables on the side. And just like the standard keto, you could have some bacon too. Make sure it’s unsmoked, from outdoor bred, free range pigs and preferably nitrate free.

Those who are following the modified keto diet may also drink coffee or tea. A cup or two of bulletproof coffee a day should be fine. This coffee has MCT oil and butter, which is good for keto.

For lunch, you could have a low carb salad along with grass-fed meat or a healthy low carb sausage. You can have full-fat dressing and cheese on your salad. Just make sure the dressing is low in sugar.

Your dinner should be somewhat similar to lunch, which is high in fat, has a moderate amount of protein, and low in carbs.

Final Thoughts

Diets should not make you feel like you are being tortured. If you are trying to go keto but it seems too hard for you to follow, don’t stress. You may want to start slowly by following the modified keto diet first.

This diet can help you to easily adopt a healthier lifestyle without fully restricting yourself. Eventually, if you feel like you’re ready to give keto a go, then go ahead.


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