Why a Keto Diet Can Make You Look Younger


Although aging is inevitable, there are ways how we can slow down its process. With a keto diet, you will not only end up losing weight, but you’ll also look several years younger than your actual age. Sounds interesting, right? Read on to find out why a keto diet can make you look younger.

Keto Diet Low Carbs Could Mean Less Stress

Consuming too many carbohydrates can actually lead to stress, and we’ve all heard so many times that stress can lead to aging. If you eat a lot of carbs, your blood sugar level can go into a high and low cycle, which could lead to hunger and will make your body release more stress hormones.

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Due to the constant changes of our level of blood sugar, this will make our bodies believe that we are in desperate need of food since the glucose keeps getting stored as fat. This also explains why we tend to get angry if we are hungry and would often find ourselves craving for carbs.

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In a keto diet, your carbohydrates are restricted. In fact, you’re only allowed 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrate intake per day. So once you minimize your consumption of carbs, your mood swings will go away since your body will not have to release any more stress hormones. With less stress, the process of aging can be greatly slowed down.

Omega Oils Slow Down the Process of Aging

Omega oils, especially Omega 3, although not usually thought of as antioxidants, do have some antioxidant activity,  which helps to slow down the process of aging. Since all our body cells make use of oxygen to function, they all get oxidized. The process of oxidization refers to the damage caused by oxygen. This results in poorly formed cells that could lead to wrinkles, dark marks, and saggy skin. All these factors contribute to aging.

Fat-soluble vitamins and essential fats such as the omega 3 oils will not only slow down the process of oxidation but can help reverse it as well. If you’re on a keto diet, you’ll have to eat fewer carbs and instead, consume more fats and antioxidants like Omega oils. As a result, the damage in your body can be reversed, and thus, aging can be delayed.

Prevents Liver Damage by Minimizing the Intake of Fructose and Alcohol

One of the biggest reasons behind aging is liver damage. It is our liver that clears the toxins in our body and makes us function better. If our liver is in good health, we will look healthy and youthful as well.

There are two calorie sources that could overwork the liver and will end up damaging it – fructose and alcohol. Fructose is a sugar found in most fruits, processed syrups and some convenience products. This substance can’t be digested by the body and therefore, it must be processed by the liver.

In the same way, alcohol must also be processed in order for its calories to be usable by our body and the toxic by products detoxified. All these could put pressure on our liver and will make it less efficient. This can also lead to an increase of toxic byproducts in our body and will trigger stress and aging. If you’re on a keto diet fruits, other than some berries,  and alcohol must be avoided. As such, liver damage can be prevented, and of course, aging can be reduced as well.

The process of aging is normal. We all have to go through it. whether we like it or not. But if you want to age healthily and gracefully, going on a ketogenic diet is one of the best ways.

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