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memorial day recipes
Keto burger, lettuce wrapped burger, stacked with 2 patties, mushrooms, onion, sundried tomato, cheese and mayo. Served with pickle and tomato.

If you’re on a low carb diet and planning to host a family cookout this Memorial Day weekend, you might want to get inspiration from these low carb Memorial Day Recipes.

The usual menu for Memorial Day has the perfect mix of summer cocktails, delicious side dishes, juicy burgers, and desserts. But just because you’re on a low-carb diet doesn’t mean you can’t have the same menu. The best thing about going low-carb is you can always recreate your favorite dish and make it low-carb using low-carb and keto-approved ingredients.

Check out these recipes to guide you in planning a perfect low-carb Memorial Day menu. If you don’t find what you’re looking for among this recipe roundup then get inspiration from these low carb and keto Labor Day Recipes which would be very suitable.

Memorial Day Recipes

1. Keto Hotdog Buns

keto hot dog buns

Hot dogs are a staple food on Memorial Day cookouts. In fact, it’s estimated that there are over 800 hot dogs eaten on Memorial Day per second!

While most hot dogs are safe for the keto diet, it’s the bun that you should steer clear of. Thankfully, Arman of The Big Man’s World has created a low-carb version of the hot dog buns.

The Keto Hot Dog Buns recipe includes almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, cream cheese, Mozzarella, and eggs. They turned out to be surprisingly good. The middle is soft and fluffy, while the exterior is tender and golden. Best of all, it tastes just like the real bun but without the carbs!

If these type of buns aren’t quite what you are looking for then check out these Low Carb Bread Recipes. This Keto Cornbread Recipe is delicious and would no doubt go down well. Then there is this Easy Keto Flatbread Recipe.

2. Low Carb BLT Cauliflower Salad with Ranch Dressing

Memorial Day recipes

While coleslaw is the most common salad served on Memorial Day, you can try other salads, too. This BLT Cauliflower Salad with Ranch Dressing recipe from Carmen of Every Last Bite would be a wonderful salad to serve along with the keto hot dog buns and other delicious side dishes.

The salad is a combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato and potato salad and loaded with delicious low carb ingredients, smothered with the homemade low-carb ranch dressing. You can prepare this salad a day before Memorial Day and store it in the fridge to save time.

3. Low Carb Lobster Roll Avocados

lobster roll avocados

Delicious lobster rolls are among those dishes served on Memorial Day weekend. It consists of a bun stuffed with chunks of lobster meat, some mayo, and a touch of melon.

For a low-carb take on this classic recipe, check out this Low Carb Lobster Roll Avocados made by Dr. Jason Fung of The Fasting Method. Instead of the usual carbo-loaded buns, this recipe uses avocado, making it keto-friendly.

If you want to use a regular low carb bun, you can follow the Keto Hotdog Buns recipe of The Big Man’s World.

4. Keto Chicken Burgers

keto chicken burgers

When you search for Memorial Day Recipes, one of the most common recipes you can find are juicy burgers. And that’s because burgers are some of the most popular foods served on this holiday.

Try this Keto Chicken Burgers recipe from Fit To Serve Group if you’re tired of the usual beef burger. The chicken patties are juicy and delicious, seasoned with chipotle powder and cayenne pepper.

Take note – these chicken burgers are bunless, so it’s absolutely safe for your low-carb diet. The patties are best served with a side of salad or cauliflower rice.

5. Keto Spicy Sausage Veggie Foil Packs

Memorial Day recipes, keto, low carb Good quality sausages are a perfect treat for Memorial Day weekend. If you want to serve some sausages, one of the Memorial Day Recipes you can try is the Spicy Sausage Veggie Foil Packs recipe from Annie of The Best Keto Recipes, a healthier version of the usual sausage buns.

It consists of sliced sausages and loads of veggies seasoned with Cajun and pepper jack cheese. It’s so easy to prepare, and you can cook it on the grill or in the oven, depending on what you find is more convenient.

6. Low Carb Blackberry Muffins

low carb blackberry muffins

Muffins are delicious finger foods you can serve at your Memorial Day gathering. You will find tons of low carb muffin recipes out there, but this Low Carb Blackberry Muffins recipe from Katrin the Sugar-free Londoner stands out among them.

They are made with blackberries, which can be a great addition to your keto diet since the berries contain only 3 grams of carbs per serving. Made with almond flour, coconut flour, and granulated erythritol monk fruit blend, these blackberry muffins are totally safe for your low carb diet.

7. Keto Coconut Cookies

keto coconut cookies

If you’re thinking of serving some cookies on Memorial Day Weekend, why don’t you try these Keto Coconut Cookies from Aimee of No Sugar No Flour Recipes? You will find tons of low-carb cookie recipes online, but you’ll love the buttery and rich coconut flavor of these coconut cookies.

Best of all, the cookies are so easy to prepare and made with only five ingredients – butter, coconut flour, monk fruit sweetener, coconut extract, and vanilla extract. To make them a little more special you can dip one edge in melted sugar free chocolate.

As you see, all ingredients are low in carbs, so feel free to indulge in as many cookies as you can! Just as long as you don’t go beyond your required daily carbs.

These Keto Butter Cookies are quick and easy to make too and are delicious.

8. Keto Patriotic Dessert

keto cheesecake dessert

Are you looking to serve some patriotic desserts this Memorial Day? As you know, Memorial Day is a commemoration for those who died serving the country. So, the best way to honor their patriotism is to serve some patriotic desserts, such as this Keto Patriotic Dessert from Urvashi of Two Sleevers.

This cheesecake mousse features the three colors of the US flag – red from the strawberries, blue from the cheesecake mousse, and white from the shredded unsweetened coconut.

It’s one of the easiest Memorial Day Recipes to prepare since you only need a few ingredients. Best of all – you can get this dessert done in less than five minutes!

9. Low Carb Watermelon Limeade Cocktail

low carb watermelon cocktail

Your Memorial Day Recipes won’t be complete without serving some refreshing cocktail drinks! When it comes to low-carb cocktail drinks, this Watermelon Limeade Cocktail from Georgina of Step Away From the Carbs would be a great recipe to try.

It does not contain any sugar, and you can serve it with or without alcohol, whichever you prefer. While watermelon is not a low-carb fruit, you only need to use a cup of diced watermelon for this cocktail drink, which would not be enough to kick you out of your low-carb diet. To make this drink alcoholic, add an ounce of tequila.


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