Proffee: Does it Help with Weight Loss?


Have you heard about Proffee yet? It has become the latest trend to take over social media. This drink is basically a coffee with protein, hence the name.

Countless TikTok users have uploaded their own versions of making this popular coffee drink. Some videos show users ordering two or three shots of espresso from Starbucks, then pouring it on a ready-to-drink protein shake.

While some dietitians and nutritionists approve of the consumption of this trendy beverage, others believe that it can only do more harm than good. To find out more about this, let’s try to understand what this drink is all about and see if it can help with weight loss or not.

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What is Proffee?

Proffee is a beverage made from a combination of iced coffee and a protein shake. It’s usually prepared by adding protein powder to an iced coffee.

Hundreds of TikTok users have showcased their own proffee recipes to the video-sharing platform. The most common of which is by adding two to three shots of espresso over ice then pouring over a pre-made protein shake.

To make the concoction even more delicious, others are adding flavored syrup to it. Some proffees are served with whipped cream on top as well!

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The proffee trend has become even more popular in the fitness world since many believe that this popular drink can aid with weight loss. Fitness enthusiasts who are looking to increase their protein intake while also getting their daily caffeine fix have turned to this beverage.

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Proffee is so popular that it has become a trending topic in TikTok, gaining more than 120,000 views and counting. It’s also approved by some dietitians who find it a convenient way to incorporate protein into your daily diet.

It can be taken as a subtitute for breakfast for people who don’t have much appetite for breakfast in the mornings or can be used as an afternoon snack.

Proffee Health Benefits – Does it help with Weight Loss?

The potential health benefits of proffee came from protein, the drink’s primary nutrient. If you’re following weight-loss diets like the keto diet, then you know just how important this macronutrient is. Protein is used by our body to build and preserve lean muscles.

7 day keto jumpstart

Consuming protein first thing in the morning is a great way to jumpstart getting the recommended amount that you will need for the day. According to Shena Jaramillo, a registered dietitian in Ellensburg, Washington,

“Adding protein shake to a coffee blend is an excellent way to get additional nutrition in the morning.”

By adding protein to your morning coffee, you will gain many more health benefits. Aside from helping you to achieve lean muscles, protein also builds antibodies which are good for immunity. This macronutrient is also very useful in various bodily functions including cell maintenance and repair.

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When it comes to weight loss, both coffee and protein have a good reputation. Coffee, especially keto coffee, is considered a super drink that has been widely studied and proven to promote fat burning, weight loss, and improve metabolism.

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Loaded with healthy antioxidants, coffee has also been shown to mobilize fat cells. If this takes place in the bloodstream while you’re at a calorie deficit, your body will be forced to burn fats for fuel.

Meanwhile, protein has also its own share of helping people to lose weight. It has been found to help increase satiety, which makes you feel full longer and prevent overeating.

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In fact, those who follow diets that are high in protein have found it easier to cut back on carbs. When you restrict your carb consumption and focus on eating high-quality proteins and fats, your body will be forced to burn fats for fuel, which is how the keto diet works.

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Is Proffee Safe?

It’s clear by now that proffee is a healthy beverage that can help with weight loss. However, some doctors believe that it may actually do more harm than good. One of them is Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. According to him,

“The reality is that it is simply not necessary, and may even be harmful.”

Dr. Glatter notes that most people are already consuming an adequate amount of protein every single day. Drinking proffee will only lead to overconsumption of protein, which is not good for the health.

In addition, most of the protein powders in the market today are loaded with added sugars. Too much sugar can be harmful to the body and is often the major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases.

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Drinking too much caffeine along with a protein drink may also lead to some problems. Too much caffeine can lead to elevated blood pressure and heart arrhythmias.

But this does not mean that proffee is bad. You still can add proffee into your diet, but you have to consume it moderately. This beverage will only cause problems if you have too much of it. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your protein intake.

According to Harvard Health, a 50-year-old person weighing 140 pounds and doesn’t exercise should limit the consumption of protein to only 53 grams per day. So talk to a nutritionist or dietitian and find out how much protein you should consume each day and stick to it.

Above all, avoid adding too much sugar to your drink. Stick to high-quality protein powders that contain minimal sweeteners. If possible, choose the unsweetened varieties.

How to Make A Proffee

Different TikTok videos show various ways of making the proffee. But here’s one recipe you can follow that’s suitable for a keto or low carb diet.



1. Get a shaker and pour the 200 ml or your chosen milk into it, then add a scoop of Pure Whey Protein and shake well.
2. Get a glass and squeeze the Zero Calorie Syrup around its sides.
3. Place some ice into the glass
4. Pour the espresso shot into the glass then add the protein mixture from the shaker.
5. Optional – froth the milk using a frother and top it into the proffee. Then top some more Zero Calorie Syrup before serving.
6. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

So is proffee good for us? It certainly can be. Protein in itself comes with many health benefits and adding it to your coffee that is already healthy can help you to gain many more benefits.

But then again, anything in excess is not good. So if you want to add protein to your coffee, make sure you do it in moderation. More importantly, use a protein powder that’s made only from high-quality ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners.

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