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low carb Superbowl snacks

For most Americans, Superbowl is not only a day to watch their favorite sports, it’s also a day of binge eating with family and friends. This year may be different because of Covid-19 restrictions but you may still be looking for some tasty low carb Superbowl snacks.

But just because you’re trying to limit your carbs doesn’t mean you have to skip the tradition. The good news is, there are tons of low carb Superbowl snacks that you can enjoy.  Made using low carb ingredients, these delicious snacks are perfect if you’re following a low carb diet.

So if you want to take part in one of the country’s biggest eating holidays without the fear of ruining your diet, check out these low carb Superbowl snacks recipes.

If you want even more inspiration checkout my roundup of delicious low carb and keto Healthy Superbowl Recipes or these Delicious Keto Super Bowl Recipes.

Low Carb Superbowl Snacks Recipes

1. Keto Sausage Rolls

low carb Superbowl snacks

Kick-off your Superbowl feast with these tasty Keto Sausage Rolls from Gerri of My Keto Kitchen. These snack-size sausage rolls are crisp on the outside and moist in the middle.

Each roll has only 1 gram of net carbs, so you can eat a couple or more without worrying about your diet. These rolls are perfect with sugar-free ketchup or other keto-friendly dips.

The best part is that these tasty snacks won’t take up much of your time to prepare. They can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and cooks in 35 minutes!

2. Keto Pizza Muffins

keto pizza mini muffins

If there’s any go-to healthy snack more perfect for Game Day, it’s these Keto Pizza Muffins from Annie of Best Keto Recipes. They are gluten-free, keto-friendly, and loaded with all the cheesy goodness you would want in a pizza.

You can bake them in standard muffin tins or mini muffin tins to come up with bite-size appetizers. Either way, this is one of those low carb Superbowl snacks that everyone won’t be able to resist!

Alternatively you might like to make these low carb Pizza Pockets or these Low Carb Breakfast Muffins with Spinach and Feta.

3. Low Carb Nachos

low carb nachos

Load up on these flavorful nachos topped with beef, diced tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. Created by Kyndra Holley of Peace Love and Low Carb, these nachos are made entirely of cheeses and seasonings.

They are not only healthy but crunchy and delicious too. As for the toppings, the recipe uses ground beef, tomatoes, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. Of course, you can have any topping that you want. Just make sure they are all low in carbs.

4. Crispy Low Carb Keto Zucchini Fries

zucchini fries

French fries have long been a favored snack on any occasion, especially during the Superbowl. But as you know, eating French fries while on keto is a big no. A serving of regular potato fries contains a whopping 50 grams of carbs!

Thankfully, there’s a healthier alternative to fries. These Crispy Low Carb Keto Zucchini Fries from Toya of Oh So Foodie contains only 7.8 grams of net carbs per serving. The fries are crispy and flavorful and will remind your favorite fries from childhood.

An alternative to these is this recipe for Keto Zucchini Fritters.

5. Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

low carb chicken wings

A Super Bowl party isn’t the same without chicken wings. Regardless of how they are cooked, chicken wings are always a crowd favorite in every Superbowl game. Buffalo chicken wings are great, but they are notoriously messy to eat.

If you want to serve chicken wings with less mess, check out these Baked Parmesan Chicken Wings from Kim, the Low Carb Maven. These low carb Superbowl snacks are so easy to make.

In fact, the recipe uses only three ingredients and requires minimal preparation. The wings are so cheesy and crispy and bursting with flavor in every bite. Above all, each chicken wing contains only 2.71 grams of carbs!

6. Keto Club Sandwich

keto club sandwich

Sandwiches are some of the most popular foods served during the Super Bowl game. They are easy to eat and perfect for a half-time break. If you are looking for a low-carb version of your favorite club sandwich, here’s a Keto Club Sandwich recipe from Louise Hendon of the Keto Summit.

Feel free to use any low carb bread of your choice or you can follow the author’s own keto loaf bread recipe. These club sandwiches are super easy to make. Once you have baked the bread, you can start preparing the filling, which consists of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and grilled chicken.

Another tasty snack recipe is this one for Keto Rolls and Sliders

7. Easy Keto Mozzarella Sticks

keto Mozzarella sticks

Everyone loves cheese, so delight your family or guests with these Easy Keto Mozzarella Sticks from Sam of Mouthwatering Motivation. These low carb Superbowl snacks are so delicious and easy to make.

They are made using almond flour and other keto-friendly ingredients, and each stick contains only 1.3 grams of carbs. So, they are the perfect go-to snacks for those who are watching their carbs.

These mozzarella sticks are so delicious that you can nibble them on their own, although they are best served with a low-carb pizza sauce.

8. Low Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs

chocolate peanut butter footballs

Your Superbowl feast won’t be complete without some desserts. Luckily, there are plenty of low-carb desserts that you can indulge in even when you’re on a low carb diet.

These Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs from Amber of Keto Cake Walk is one of them. You can prepare these desserts a day ahead and keep them in the fridge until they are ready to serve.

These peanut butter footballs might look sinful, but you’d be surprised to know that each serving contains only 2.4 grams of net carbs. So go ahead, treat yourself to these fun shaped sweets.

9. Keto Red Velvet Cupcakes

keto red velvet cupcakes

If you are a fan of the Cardinals, Falcons, or any other team with a red jersey, then whip up a batch of these Keto Red Velvet Cupcakes in honor of your favorite team.

Created by Ioana of Low Carb Spark, these cupcakes are topped with a luscious cream cheese topping. These bright colored cupcakes are not only pretty, but they also taste so heavenly! Each cupcake contains only 3 grams of net carbs, so you will not feel guilty with every bite.

You might also like this recipe for Cinnamon Frappuccino Keto Cupcakes

10. Low Carb Keto Berry Ricotta

keto berry ricotta dessert

Neither adults nor kids will be able to get enough of this delicious and healthy dessert that’s made with Ricotta cheese. This Low Carb Keto Berry Ricotta recipe is from Maya Krampf of Wholesome Yum and is probably the easiest dessert to prepare.

Simply combine the ingredients in a blender, assemble in the parfait cups, and garnish with whipped cream and berries. So if you’re looking for low carb Superbowl snacks recipes that are a no-brainer to prepare, this dessert should be on top of your list.


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